Hydro Sil HHB 1004 240v 100-180 sq ft.


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HHB 1004 1000w
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HYDRO-Sil HHB 1004/ 1000w 240v   100-180 sq ft 

DIMENSIONS | 8-3/8" H x 2-15/16" D x 46" L

Dining Areas-Kitchen Areas- Supplemental Heat Source

COLOR | Navajo White

A no maintenance sealed system featuring exclusive nickel-chromium proportional element encased in copper sheath, inserted in larger liquid – silicone filled copper chamber. The “horse shoe” element design doubles the surface area to heat the silicone fluid (i.e. a six-foot heater has 12 feet of element). The element automatically heats fluid, after several minutes the electricity shuts off allowing the Hydro-Sil's fluid to continue providing warm even heat – the STORED HEAT in the silicone fluid reduces the amount of time and quantity electricity is used. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review