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Surround Comfort® 120v Portable Heating System  (patent pending)
Introducing an Innovative New 120v Proportional Power w® Portable heating system with a wireless wall thermostat included.
Never before has there been a 120v hydronic heating unit that has a remote wireless thermostat and the capacity to link multiple units’ per thermostat. Providing you with Proportional Power® efficiency with variable watt comfort.
Traditionally 120v portable heaters are designed to be a supplemental heat source.

  All 120v portable heaters have an inboard thermostat at floor level detecting only the coldest temperature in the room. Only Surround Comforts efficiency controls each unit from a central wireless thermostat.

Why is this important? Comfort, Efficiency, and Convenience.

 With an inboard thermostat, your set point is in the coldest area in the room your heater will cycle more than is needed to heat the ambient level in the middle of the room. This causes the room to be warmer than the thermostat reads:
1) Increasing stratification levels, creating uneven room temperature’s;

Increasing operating cost because of unnecessary increased energy cycles;
2) With Surround Comfort 120v portable heating system you overcome issues that other antiquated, inefficient, and costly portable heaters provide.

 You now are able to plug one or multiple heating units anywhere in the room. Link and control all the heating units by one central convenient thermostat.
● Alexa or Google Nest smart app Convenience of thermostat voice control— It’s programmable — wireless smart app control— It can go anywhere in the room. Place thermostat on the wall for optimum temperature reading, (simple bracket installation). Or you can add the Central Wireless Comfort Control which controls the wireless thermostat from any convenient location — Set it on your coffee table — In the Kitchen — Or place on your nightstand
● Program the system for optimum energy savings and convenience. Or just turn the system up or down.
● Multiple heating units can now be controlled by a single thermostat even though they are on separate circuits.
● It’s Proportional Power ® — Utilizing the minimum amount of energy needed to maintain your set point. Traditional thermostats are 100% on-100% off. Surround Comfort® will maintain your setpoint at 20% intervals, micromanaging your energy consumption for you and reducing your operating cost up to 50%.
● Even temperature profile — Surround Comfort ® & Proportional Power ® features are maintaining energy consumption at 20% intervals. Energy swings are reduced as temperature profiles are more constant with stratification levels 2º - 4º between floor and ceiling — Cozy comfort you and your family can enjoy.
Surround Comfort
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